Friday, April 20, 2007

What's Weak This Week....

My patience is what's weak this week.

I never claimed to be an overly-patient person, but this week I just want everything to hurry the hell up! My weight is down 23 pounds, I'm wearing pants that didn't fit me last month, signs of Spring are all around....but I'm not satisfied. Maybe I get too used to the fast-forward button on our DVR (Comcast's version of the TiVo). The DVR lets me fast-forward past the things I don't care to watch and get on to the good parts. Why can't I fast forward past the weight loss process and get to the part where the weight is lost? Why can't I fast forward past the part where I suck wind on the elliptical machine and get to the part where I can jog and still hold a conversation? Who wants to watch this part in the middle? Not me. It isn't too entertaining.

I know my lack of patience is making my attitude suck lately where weight loss and fitness are concerned. I also know all the wise quotes about "enjoying the journey," and "it's the journey and not the destination" and all that sort of crap. But I'm not feeling it this week. Maybe next week I can enjoy the status quo, but this week I want a fast forward button.

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