Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter

Happy Easter, to those of you who celebrate the holiday! When I was a kid, we used to celebrate two Easters. Because my dad is Greek, we had a second Easter celebration for Greek Easter. Greek Easter is usually at least a week or two past regular US easter, which I think is done so that they can buy the candy on sale after the holiday (but you didn't hear that from me). Anyway, what I remember of Greek Easter was basically the opportunity for more candy. The rest of the actual celebration was much like the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding. If you've seen that movie you pretty much understand any Greek celebration I've ever been to, although I haven't been to any in about 25 years. has been quite a while since I posted anything. I'm on and off the wagon more than I care to admit with my habits. I do feel pretty good that somehow that glimmer of hope resides in me each time I get back on the wagon. I went to my doctor's last week and he said I'd lost 16 pounds in 3 months. The nurse said that was fantastic. I was standing there thinking "geez, is that it??" In my mind I figure I should be able to lose 16 pounds in a week, so when I think of 16 pounds over 3 months it seems depressing. However, as the nurse pointed out, it is in excess of one pound a week which is very sensible. I need to learn how to not make sensible feel like a failure, I guess. :)

Stay tuned for more adventures of the sugar plump fairy!

P.S. I think this is my first easter EVER without a chocolate easter bunny. And ya know what? I survived.

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