Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dressing Room Kindness

Finally! A kind word in the dressing room!

Imagine your next time in the dressing room getting undressed while busily averting your eyes from the mirror so you don't catch a glimpse of your pasty white thighs illuminated by the oh-so-freakishly-unflattering green fluorescent lighting. Now imagine looking up and seeing a brightly colored sign with the words "Look at yourself, you're gorgeous!!" or "You're overflowing with beauty!" or "Worry about the size of your heart, not the size of your body." That might just make my day!

The Emerging Womens Project has created an initiative called The Dressing Room Project, which in addition to sponsoring the cards posted in dressing rooms, hosts workshops which "help teenage girls learn to focus on their positive qualities, expand their definition of 'beautiful,' value uniqueness in themselves and others and become more critical thinkers regarding media." Awesome idea.

Check out their website to donate or learn how you could help promote the Dressing Room Project in your area!

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