Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The nerd in me....

So we finally found and bought a Nintendo Wii a few weeks back. And for someone totally NOT into video games, I'm finding it very entertaining! Now I can see why all the kids get into the video games so much. I basically haven't played video games since I was about 12, and even then, the only games we had were Frogger (awesome!) and a game that you had to name the State Capitols. How freakin' tricky to try to make me learn through a game, eh?

Anyway, as I mentioned in an earlier post my main reason for wanting a Wii was to use this as a fun family tool to play active games together. Plus, I can't wait for the Nintendo Fit to come out, which is an interactive exercise device. My husband's main interest in buying one was a) it is a gadget and b) all the cool kids at work have one! :)

The Wii comes packaged with a set of games called Wii Sports, which includes boxing, baseball, bowling, golf, etc. My husband and I tried the boxing first. Interestingly enough it was a tad satisfying to whack him a bit. You make up little characters for yourself called Nintendo Miis, which look more or less like yourself. I'm thinking I could get a lot more satisfaction out of creating little figures that look like people I strongly dislike and then beating them up. Would that be wrong?

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