Monday, March 5, 2007

Pancakes bigger than my head

You know you've been low-carbing it when the thought of pancakes bigger than your head make you start to drool...just a little bit. The gals over at HungryGirl, (a fun site for daily emails about new low-calorie, sometimes low-carb products) featured a site today that makes pillows in the form of food! The "stack of pancakes pillow" looks yummy. If I had that pillow sitting on a chair anywhere in my house, I'd be hungry 24-7. They did have some "pear" pillows, but somehow they just didn't look as scrumptious.

Does sometimes just looking at pictures of food make you hungry? I know if I'm really jonesing for something not on my plan, that is a guarantee that commercials with gooey and yummy looking shots of that specific food will be on tv. Commercials are evil that way. I saw a great postcard on Post Secret once that said something like "I google my cravings when I'm hungry." In the back of my head I thought to myself "wow, at least I don't do that!" Hey, an unfair judgement, but we have to draw the line somewhere.

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