Friday, February 9, 2007

Exercise, exercise, why do you suck so badly?

Last week while wandering aimlessly in Ross I found a cart of exercise DVDs marked down to $2.99! For $2.99 I'm buying it even if I never take it out of the shrink-wrap. Oh yeah, I'm a bargain-hunting goddess (or cheap-skate as my bf likes to call it). Anyway, I bought one called Yoga for wimps, then one about torturing and finding ab muscles under your blub with Pilates. I also picked up the Biggest Loser 2 DVD at Target recently because I'd heard it was good.

So today I tried the Biggest Loser 2 DVD. On only one cup of coffee I popped it in only to learn that it is mostly hosted by the new chic trainer from Biggest Loser, the blonde one. She is too perky and I let that be my excuse for turning it off when I started to sweat too much about 10 minutes into the DVD. Uggh, my bad. Anyway, she is all about lunges and stuff that hurt my thighs. Imagine that? I will try the DVD again tomorrow. This time after my 2nd cup of coffee. :)

I did manage to do a little bit of time on my eliptical machine. I think eliptical is latin for "sucks badly," because that thing really kinda hurts your legs and makes you sweat and stuff. But, to be honest, after a few days of doing a little more each day, guess what? I'm doing a little more each day! Yay me!

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