Friday, February 9, 2007

Getting it? and Blogging

So two or three days into blogging (have I turned into one of those people?) I'm understanding why people do this. Something about putting down your thoughts and not knowing where they are going is a bit invigorating. My attitudes have shifted in these last few days. I can't place exactly why, but I notice the change.

One of my goals is to continue to educate myself on weight and health issues EACH and EVERY day. It keeps me focussed on where I'm going to take time to read new books, magazines, blogs, articles, etc. I'll be sharing those as I come across some pearls. :)

I love blogs about real people and I looooove the low-carb blogs as I believe this is the sanest way to go and is actually do-able! I'll be posting some of my favorite blogs in the section on the left. I'd love links to new blogs, so don't hesitate to email me your favorites!

Oh yeah, I also like the occasional snarky celebrity gossip blogs now and again, too. Don't judge me! :)

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